On my way to become more of a painter.

All from the start, as long as I can remember, I have been drawing and painting.

Maybe that was not so strange having a father that also painted and a mother that did all sorts of crafting, I suppose we where a "artistic" family.

But life goes on.

After school I started working at age 17, started a family some years after that, had kids, divorced, took care of kids that where growing up, met my new husband .... and then suddenly!! I had the time to start painting again!!

So I decided to learn from the beginning.

For about four years I took classes for an artist in Sweden. And I learned so much.  

Learned techniques for both acrylic and oil painting, got to understand how colors works and much more!

Suddenly I understod why my paintings did not come out as I wanted them!

And also learned not to be afraid for changing and to paint "ugly", to take the chance and just see where the painting takes me.

I love to paint people and animals, that is my thing. When I try to paint non-realistic I always ends up with finding some figure in the patterns of paint, so I suppose that is who I am.

In the middle of 2017 my husband and I moved from Sweden to Columbus, IN in the US.

We will stay here for four years and this is my chance to give all my time to develop myself as an artist.

From January 2018 I am a part of the Hoosier Artist Gallery in Nashville, IN. 

This gives me a lot of inspiration in the meeting of other artists in so many different specializations of art.

During 2019/20120 I am taking the Online Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute. It is one year of painting, learning different techniques and to find my own voice and expression. 

So hopefully I will continue on the way to be a painter, the thing I wanted to be as a child.

Sometimes life and other things happens that slows you down, but if you are lucky you can get a second chans.

And then you have to take it!

Hope you will enjoy my journey, and I will do my best to make it as winding and positive as possible.